Rocking Horse Restored on Okto’s Mission Restorable

Mission Restorable


okto logoMy rocking-horse restoration project, which took place two months ago, finally aired this past week! It is Episode 2 of Mission Restorable, airing Tuesday nights (10pm) on the Okto channel as part of their Arts on Okto (a-OK) programming.

I’ve always loved horses, carousels, and rocking horses and was pretty excited to be on this project. Amazingly, I was picked due to my previous Peranakan sketches painted at The Intan, which was also featured in the same episode.

The rocking horse is one of three projects covered this hour of the show, so I share the attention with carpenters, collectors, and a wicker artisan. You can see a bit of the restored rocking horse in the following two screenshots. It’s a drastic change from how it looked originally! And it looks very Peranakan now!

You can catch the online broadcast here:


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