Hi! I’m Janet

I’ve been writing and making art online for nearly 3 decades now, and this is my website. In 2016, I created and self-published the Self-Love Oracle. In 2019, I went back to school to study Counseling Psychology. In 2021, my oracle deck was re-released with Beyond Words Publishing. In 2023, I completed my Master of Counseling and became a Top Writer on Medium for the topic of Mental Health.

If you’ve known me a while (online or in real life), this is a funnily limited lens as I have both wide and deep interests and have worked in varied industries. I originally graduated with a B.A. in Journalism, and have been an after-school and museum-based educator, historical tour guide, children’s magazine editor, fantasy illustrator; website, print, and graphic designer; ghostwriter, and New Age person (yes, I like shiny crystals). I still like studying and writing about whatever catches my attention—and there’s very little that doesn’t!

If you came curious about my writing or art, thanks! I try to index most of it here. If you’re curious about my work in counseling and/or mental health, I’m currently building that section. For my Masters practicum work, I thoroughly enjoyed volunteering and working primarily with youths and creatives, neurodivergent types (hi, ADHDers!), and animal-assisted programs.

Feel free to poke around. Apologies in advance for any broken links or uncompleted website sections. This is always a work in progress.

Contact me

You can reach me (non-urgently) with this form. Please allow some time to respond as I may be working or traveling.