I’ve been studying Western astrology charts since 2013. I started with an app on my phone and loads of reading and journaling. In the space of a few years, I had a desktop charting program, astrology books busting out of my bookshelves, alongside the Chinese metaphysical books from decades before, and a growing collection of psychology and social psychology books.
Western astrology (specifically Evolutionary Astrology) gives more focus to internal, psychological, and relational dynamics in the astrology chart, and that suits me just fine—I prefer empowerment and insight over fearmongering, fatalism, and fixed destinies written in the stars. That’s not how self-responsibility nor Evolutionary Astrology works. (My astrological articles here.)
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What Evolutionary Astrology did for me (and maybe it can do for you too)

The psychological nature of EA helped me to accept myself, and to make peace and meaning of my experiences. Instead of being misunderstood, judged, or doubted, I suddenly had a visual code and information for making sense of my internal and external challenges, including what differentiated me from others. I saw a powerful tool for both spiritual and psychological growth that adhered to counseling ethics, with the ultimate goal of empowering people to heal themselves.

What a Zoom session with me is like

My focus in the astrology session is always: What do you need and what information from this session that will empower you the most?
  • What strengths do you have but have not realised are strengths?
  • What challenges do you work with but have not realised are challenges?
  • How can your emotional and mental burdens be lightened?
  • What tools, methods or information will help you towards goals that are significant to you?
  • In which areas can I assure you that what you’ve suspected is correct?
  • Can I help you spot triggers, wounds, and areas of self-sabotage?
  • Where might you have learned ineffective coping methods, or tried to follow paths or advice that do not apply to you and your situation?

My experience is that astrology helps me spot patterns that I can confirm with clients, quicker than working without astrology. It provides the way to articulate issues that were hard to put in words. My own chart and experiences have predisposed me to being unafraid of tackling taboo, “sensitive,” and nuanced topics, and I try to do it in as gentle and safe a way as I can. When I’m the person describing the challenging patterns I see, the onus is taken off you (my client) to do so. I’m happy to do this while remaining open to your corrections and experience.

Astrological charts are not destiny. Charts are a map but not the terrain. I want to arm the chart owner to walk their path the best way we can work out how.

How to Book

Purchases on my website are handled by Payhip—to book your session, select the most fitting reading you may need from below. Upon payment, you’ll be given a link to a booking form for entering your birth data, any specific questions, and preferred Zoom date and time. A PDF of your birth chart, with an introductory *automated* reading will be sent to you prior to our Zoom. This text is not the reading. The 1-hour Zoom (1.5 hours for relationship astrology) is for explaining the chart and addressing your questions in detail. If for any reason I cannot carry out the Zoom session, your payment will be refunded in full.

My Offerings

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