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My writing on astrology and how to use it. I’ve been studying this field since 2013, was a student for a short while with Steve Judd, and now primarily practice Evolutionary Astrology with its focus on psychology and empowering the chart owner. Warning: I may get opinionated. On Facebook, I’m one of the mods on the group Astrology Nerds. Curious about a reading? I offer them here.

I’ve always been sensitive to the judgments and questions around why I may have certain interests that have […]

Why Astrology?


For much of history, Saturn was the farthest and slowest-moving planet humans could see. Its transits bring tests and restrictions. Most people hate it.

Capricorn & Aquarius Lessons

The shadow cannot hide in an astrology chart. If we possess awareness and self-acceptance and remember that nobody is perfect, we’re better positioned to do shadow work.

Astrology & Shadow Work