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Touched up one of my older and smaller paintings. The Moira were also known as the Fates. Watercolours, […]

The Moira


Watercolours on Hotpress 12 by 9 inches December 2017 A quick small painting to capture the magic of […]

The Fairy Tree

The Fairy Messenger

This painting was of a fairy sighted in a lucid dream! You can see her being painted, and […]

The Fairy Messenger


Fairy and cherries painted for an Enchanted Visions theme.


Digitally painted pencil sketch Products available at RedBubble

The Cocoa Fairy

The Freshwater Fae series of 5-by-7-inch paintings were begun around 2001, when I was wild about  freshwater fish […]

Freshwater Fae

Watercolours 11 by 15 inches. The fairy of spring! I’ve always wanted to paint a series of seasonal […]

Spring Blossoms

Any excuse to paint wings and hair! This winter fairy is also the image for the “Patience” card […]

Winter Light