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When we need meaning, validation, affirmation, and illumination on our purpose, there’s nothing quite like getting it from a chart drawn from the moment we were born. No one was born “wrong”, but we can come into this world with unique and specific challenges and gifts that can literally take a lifetime to understand and unfold.

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I got into astrology in 2013, when it was the most direct tool I’d ever encountered in my life to help me accept myself, and make peace and meaning of my experiences. Instead of being misunderstood, judged, or doubted, I suddenly had a visual code and new sources of information that helped me make sense of my internal and external challenges, including what differentiated me from others. When I discovered and delved into Evolutionary Astrology, I saw a powerful tool for both spiritual and psychological growth and that adhered to counseling ethics, with the ultimate goal of empowering people to heal themselves.

Prior to this, I’d had all kinds of readers from different psychics, channels, and clairvoyants. I had even explored Chinese and Vedic astrology (they didn’t work with my psychology/karmic focus). After my “new age” period and concurrent to my astrological studies, I started seeing certified therapists who worked with different approaches and modalities (including EMDR) for helping people with trauma and hypersensitivity. I focused my reading and learning on not only psychology, but psychological abuse, CPTSD and the effects of these on the nervous system and long-term health.

My work on the Self-Love Oracle was, in retrospect, all about breaking out of codependency, conditioning, and self-loathing behaviors. My formal studies in Counselling Psychology (which began with an Advanced Diploma in 2019) strengthened my working methods and sessions with the people who sought me for Tarot or astrology readings. Prior to creating the deck, I studied with different spiritual/Tarot teachers. I’d also been practising meditation since 2007.

Over time, my focus has shifted from “look how much I can get right through intuition/divination” (admittedly fun at fairs and parties) to “What does my client need and what information from this session that will empower them the most?

  • What strengths do they have but have not realised are strengths?
  • What challenges do they work with but have not realised are challenges?
  • How can their emotional and mental burdens be lightened?
  • What tools, methods or information will help them towards goals that are significant to them?
  • In which areas can I assure them that what they know is correct?
  • Can I help them spot triggers, wounds, and areas of self-sabotage?
  • Where might they have learned ineffective coping methods, or tried to follow paths or advice that do not apply to them and their situation?

My experience is that astrology helps me spot patterns that I can confirm with clients, quicker than working without it. It provided the way to pinpoint and articulate problems that the client sometimes didn’t know could be articulated. My own chart and experiences have predisposed me to being unafraid of tackling taboo, “sensitive,” and nuanced topics, and I try to do it in as gentle and safe a way as I can. When I’m the person describing the challenging patterns I see, the onus is taken off you (my client) to articulate something that may be very difficult to do. I’m happy to do this while remaining open to corrections.


Astrological charts are not destiny. Free will is not undermined. Charts are a map but not the terrain. They are music scores, not the music.

I want to arm the chart owner to walk their path the best way we can work out how.

If you’d like to work with me, the next question is what kind of astrological reading you like.

Astrology Readings

Astrology Readings (Big Picture/One Part/WTF) — USD 68-90 / SGD 108-128

Options: Email, Zoom call, or in-person (Singapore only)
Required: Birth date, birth time, birth city

Birth chart readings require your birth date and time and are great for clarifying one’s innate gifts, interests, and areas of growth for this life. We can also look at your challenges and weaknesses and how other, “stronger” areas of your chart may help. Chart readings can be an objective way to highlight gifts and patterns that may have been hidden due to our upbringing, and the expectations and blind spots of those around us! We can also look at what to expect in upcoming transits; opportune windows for tapping luck and growth areas.

Astrological Compatibility Reading — USD 108 / SGD 168

Options: Zoom call, or in-person (Singapore only)
Required: Birth date, birth time, birth city of both parties

Need to understand a relationship? Let’s get into the dynamics and purpose of a person in your life. This isn’t necessarily just for romantic relationships but can be for parent-child relationships or business partnerships. Get beneath the reasons for the bits that are working and those that are not. We can look at both synastry charts (great for understanding attraction and triggers) and composite charts, and the effective areas to work on.

Tarot Reading — USD 45 / SGD 68

Options: Email, Skype/Zoom call, or in-person (Chinatown, Singapore only).

Sometimes we want answers beyond what our friends and family can provide. Card readings are good for revealing the heart of your challenge and the area for your growth. Empowering readings open up possibilities and options, also examining existing strengths and pitfalls, and the helpers in your life.

Optional: You can provide your birth date (if you’re comfortable) to confirm any major astrological transits.

Price above is for one area of focus. The area of focus can be a general reading, or a career question. (If you have two areas of focus, eg. career and family life, please state it.)

Payment and Booking

Paypal or local transfers for Zoom or email readings; Cash, PayNow or PayLah! in-person.

I will reply your appointment form within 3 working days. Please allow time for confirming your appointment time as this will depend on my schedule!

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