Turning and returning

Some paintings I’ve been working on in the last months have their work-in-progress shots below.

There are lots of circles; in a manner of speaking I have found a way of working in which I find myself quite comfortable and uplifted, and constantly inspired. Not all the completed pieces will be posted to the site now as I am reserving them for a series, but you can see the ones I am showing in the general paintings gallery. I’ve always admired mandalas but never had quite the discipline or inclination to paint in purely circular/abstract forms, even though I’ve gone through periods of seeing mandalas behind my eyelids and before going to sleep—perks of regular meditation.

Some viewers may recognise the figures and symbols I’m using now as those of sacred geometry. I find the forms soothing to explore, and the organic figures naturally flow from the geometric shapes once I’ve laid them down. It sure takes composition dilemmas out of my hands! (If you’re interested in my spiritual wanderings, feel free to visit Magic & Meditation.)

About Janet

Janet is the artist and creator behind the Self-Love Oracle. Painting and drawing since childhood and holding a B.A. in Journalism, she's worked in historical tourism, education, and publishing; and just completed her Master of Counseling. After her experiences with motherhood, divorce, new age and the supernatural, she believes in healing through self-exploration and creative expression.

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