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When facing crossroads or uncertain outcomes, Tarot is attractive for trying to get more information beyond what we can see. If you don’t want to get mystical, then the randomness of cards simply bypass the left analytic brain and can give one new perspective on a question.

If you like feel-good woo, then the cards are a way of showing you the energy around a situation, so that you can now look at it in terms of archetypes, interactive dynamics, and likely outcomes. If you want to get really esoteric or spiritual, what the cards reveal will further depend on whom you were asking the questions, and why.

The basics of Tarot for Empowerment

Recommended questions to ask instead of “Should I?”

  1. What are the likely outcomes if I _________?
  2. What can I expect with the current/chosen path of action?

(And this is where Janet goes into storytelling mode, if you’re not keen, skip to where I explain these guidelines.)

Long after some short-lived dabbling in my teen years, I reconnected with Oracle and Tarot cards in 2012 after a few years of supernatural experiences intruding into my meditations, dreams and waking life. I dipped my toes with oracle cards first (and it was the right decision for me, to strengthen the connection I had with higher frequencies and loving messages) before Tarot, where I knew the cards could look more “scary” because they didn’t hide the darker and more difficult parts of life. I was already going through a dark night of the soul (in retrospect, Pluto had entered in my 12th house and was conjunct my natal moon).

The angel card reading class that I took early provided good grounding in a reader’s boundaries and responsibilities that, I realise now, many people may not get if they were self-taught and using only free resources. (I know, “free” learning is great but, in my own life, many of the best and most compact lessons I got were paid for in some way. It fits the Law of Energy Exchange—if you don’t invest money, then achieving mastery will take more time/experience, and all of us will have different degrees of urgency. If taking a class, picking one still requires discernment.)

Explaining Tarot for Empowerment

These are drawn from the Spiritual Laws (you can google pages and books about them) and I cover some relevant ones for this post, in no particular order:

The Law of Responsibility

  • You carry the responsibility for your own life and your body. You carry the responsibility for your decisions made (and also those that are avoided or given to someone else).
  • You are not responsible for anyone else. (Good for the reader to remember, and sometimes the querent if they’re asking “on behalf” of someone else). Do not take responsibility for someone else’s feelings or allow the querent to do so. Feelings are only for their owners to handle. Everyone has their own truth and own life to live.
  • You can empower people to carry their own burdens, whether it’s decisions, challenges, feelings, or goals and dreams. Do not (for reader AND querent) take on other people’s responsibilities or abandon your own.

The Law of Discernment

  • Following the Law of Responsibility, the Law of Discernment requires that all information and advice received (even from parties deemed trustworthy) should be checked if it is right for us. Or, shorter: We are still responsible for what we believe and take to heart.
  • We cannot blame someone else with the excuse that we ourselves do not know “right from wrong”. We cannot avoid responsibility for our ignorance or intellectual/spiritual apathy. Be proactive practicing discernment and responsibility.

The Law of Perspective

  • An experience is neither good nor bad except our perspective makes it so.
  • Challenges and difficulties viewed with fear and avoidance frequently become blocks. Some challenges will persist until they are overcome with a shift of perspective, mindset, and/or engagement. One example of a shift in perspective is that the challenges may have a divine purpose and exist to teach.
  • Tarot can present challenges in a bigger context and a more empowering perspective.

The Law of Gratitude

  • All of us have inner and outer resources to lean upon. Seeing these and appreciating them raises us out of powerless victimhood and into the realm of problem-solving, inspiration, receptivity, and flow.

The Law of Request

  • If we still need help, requesting and making prayers for help is more effective from a calm and centered space. This leads to…

The Law of Attraction

  • When help comes, it is more likely to be perceived and received for what it is when we are in the space of gratitude, generosity and happiness.
  • The Law of Attraction is hard to understand/apply in entirety because of its intersection with other laws of frequency and manifestation, and what we may have signed up for in this life to experience. I include this point because it’s been so oversimplified that it often brings people more frustration than not. It’s also too big for this post!

Last Word

The cards and reader should never “bear the responsibility” for actions taken after a reading. At most they are a messenger, and I feel the reader is responsible for providing an accurate and empowering reading to their best ability.

There will always be querents who misunderstand the cards as describing future events (or even current events) like they are carved in stone. Readers can try to change this view by emphasizing that the cards read energies, not certainties; and we live in a free will universe where we always have the power to shift our attitude and determine how we meet our challenges.

Always empower when you can.
And to quote Prince, Love is the Master Plan.

Good luck!

About Janet

Janet is the artist and creator behind the Self-Love Oracle. Drawing fantastical subjects since childhood and holding a B.A. in Journalism, she's worked in tourism and publishing, and is currently studying Counseling Psychology. After her experiences with motherhood, divorce, Tibetan Buddhism, healing, and the supernatural, she pushes others to heal through self-exploration and self-expression. She can be booked for her readings here.

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2 thoughts on “Tarot for Empowerment

  • Eli

    I downloaded the oracle app yesterday. Today I picked three cards which told me exactly what I needed to hear ..tonight I picked one card which taught me something I need to know….now I’m reading the empowerment article and I have let go of something which isn’t an awful thing its just a thing that should have been in the compost long ago …and under that thing now that its gone…is a me I remember…is a life I can feel… The thing is still making sounds …rustling the plastic bag in the corner of my eye… But I know its not trash its compost it will become still it will no longer be stinking up my life worms will enjoy it and one day I know that seeds will sprout in it and from a distance I will see those plants flower and I will smell their sweetness on the air. The goodness of disposal in the right way. The trap of not wanting to chuck things to the dump but neither have them around any more… Especially when those things are animate…are intrinsically part because they are life and can never be apart. Cannot be removed. But can be moved. From my house my space my world to elsewhere outside of me my space my world… And a fog goes with them and a clarity returns and all of their ghosts are wafting out the door. I am so grateful to even have words rise again in my chest with delight and not the cahffig words the searching raking words scraping to try to defend and to mark out and plot and figure and remember what it was I was trying to remember…but to know….to know and not be scrabbling for the answer… To know this is my world. These are my words. My heart my tears my love my life …thank you for sharing your words which into my mind have brought so much light … I didn’t even know my glasses were dirty I thought there was a fog. I kept trying to waft it away but it was that my glasses needed a good cleaning. Lol. Thanks don’t know what I just said or if it made sense and I doubt it matters. I’m just glad it is over and I know who i am and who I am not. Lol. No time to lose;!

    • Janet Post author

      I hope you journal and write for yourself on a regular basis. Your emotions really come through and the imagery is just wow. (And apologies for this late reply–I saw this only now but am really glad I did.)