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Light Language Grids — Inquire

In-person in Singapore only.

Good for: Boosting and fortifying one’s energy and auric field, facilitating healing and manifestation by overlaying sacred geometries on the personal chakra system. Also applicable to spaces (home and office) and (sacred) objects. Effective for 3-6 months.

What tends to happen: A lightening of one’s “personal load” as your chakra system gets balanced and boosted by energetic grids that work with colour and geometry. Grids are channeled, then installed and activated over 3 days. Healing the chakras and aura is actually a side-effect of this Mayan/Pleiadian healing system. Clients tend to notice that their intentions are more quickly manifested and their efforts smoothened by more mental clarity, coincidences, and help. The grids work until the intention is manifested, or up to 6 months. (The grids do not accomplish things for you, but accelerate and facilitate. Big plans may require several grids.)

Can include: Channeled messages, insight on challenges.

Light Language grids can only be used for positive intentions. Prices start at USD 128 for your first grid, with subsequent and additional grids at decreasing prices. Email to inquire.

Artwork Commission — Inquire

Subject to availability and nature of the project. Commissions for personal use or for publishing both welcome. Please allow time for acceptance and completion. No on-spec work; do provide more information up front so I can provide a time and cost estimate.

I have worked with role-playing game companies, fictional and spiritual publications (including a Tarot deck for Cico Books), and channeled art. Any material related to spiritual or esoteric topics is not a problem.

Media: Watercolours, ink, pigment powders, pastels, colour pencils. Acrylics on canvas only on special request.

Email to inquire.