A Meditation on Relationships

Watercolour painting "In Lakech". Healing through relationships

Received during the New Virgo Moon, 2019:

All relationships provide opportunities for healing. We heal ourselves by creating connections, as these external connections mirror the connections we have within ourselves to all the parts of our inner God. We grow as we know ourselves; as we witness who we are drawn to, and who we draw to us. Witnessing without judgment leads to understanding. With understanding we learn to love the different parts of ourselves that relate to the different people outside of us. It is this love that heals us.

Once understood, all relationships provide opportunities for gratitude. Within the flesh of every person we meet dwells another facet of God seeking to be whole. The connection, like a circuit, can be closed both within you and without, when such a person steps forward. When they meet you in the external world, they can heal the part inside them that relates to you; they too are their own healers. When they do this, you need not carry their wounds, for they will not placed upon you. Instead, these people will meet you, equal to equal.

Once understood, all relationships provide opportunities for presence. Attention is a powerful thing. To be witnessed without illusion, projection, judgment, and limitation is something few people experience, and it is a gift without price. When all parts of a person, the facade and the hidden, the real and the potential, are acknowledged and accepted without condition, Grace is experienced. In that space, we become powerful healers and more: We are Co-Creators. 

Let there be light.

Image: In Lakech (Background, poem, and video of this painting at the link.)
Text: Copyright of Janet Chui, 2019. May be part of a larger work to come. 

About Janet

Janet is the artist and creator behind the Self-Love Oracle. Painting and drawing since childhood and holding a B.A. in Journalism, she's worked in historical tourism, education, and publishing; and just completed her Master of Counseling. After her experiences with motherhood, divorce, new age and the supernatural, she believes in healing through self-exploration and creative expression.

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