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Build your book and your business at the same time

Are you feeling the push to put your message and your story on paper? Do you want to share your unique gifts with a global audience? Do you want to bring your personal growth experience and help hundreds, or thousands, of people out there?[ct_spacer height="20"]A book will not only help you and your work gain visibility, but it can build an amazing client following for your business. Creating the right infrastructure around your book, you can benefit from book sales, attract more readers and clients, and build your way to financial independence.
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For many intuitives and healers who want to be authors, there are 5 Big Challenges (based on surveys with hundreds of heart-based entrepreneurs!):

  •  New authors freeze and stumble because they don’t know how to put their information together (too much processing, too little flow)
  • They're worried about what others expect and have no focus on finding and expressing their biggest unique selling point (USP)
  • They think they're "not a writer"—yet they are the ones who are getting the messages to be shared with the world!
  • They're afraid of the publishing process: Who is going to format, edit, publish and promote their book?
  • They worry about their book getting accepted, ie. they have a fear of getting better known, or conversely, a fear of being rejected!

Do you suffer from any of these blocks?

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Now imagine….

  • Writing your book in 30 days
  • Attracting and building a following even before the book is out (getting the readers to your book)
  • Using the book to highlight your services and have ideal clients knock on your doors
  • Increase your visibility with a powerful online presence
  • Finally, bringing in effortless revenues through clients who love your work and want to work with you.

Too good to be true?

Try my 20-minute consultation and get:

  1. Focus - Know your unique selling point and style strength from an editor's viewpoint
  2. Clarity -  See how your book will tie into your business and attracting your tribe
  3. A Plan - Start on your book outline immediately, with a schedule for your word count!
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Just fill in the form below. You'll be guided next to a scheduling form.

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Connect with Clarity

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Channeling / Mediumship / Divination
Coaching / Counselling
Healing / Therapy
Writing your book / documenting your work
Book-layout / self-publishing
Web site creation and online marketing
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