Subtle Energy in the Body


March 13


07:45 pm - 09:45 pm

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Janet Chui


The Singing Bowl Wellness Studio

33 Erskine Road #01-02, Singapore, 069333

Singapore, SG, 069333

Second in the Energy Basics series, this short workshop is interactive (and has a maximum number of participants allowed due to space constraints). Learn the tools and techniques for reading the energy of people! Janet will do this by way of games and different forms of meditation, and teach exercises to boost and balance your own subtle energy. How do we see the difference? With the tools and techniques learnt! Expect to move and play with art materials, pendulums, and dowsing rods, as well as learning the limits and cautions for their use. Participants can purchase the dowsing tools at the end of the class (optional and non-obligatory).

About the Facilitator

Janet is the artist and creator behind the Self-Love Oracle, a 44-card deck and book set for healing and self-empowerment that features her fantasy, spiritual, and mythological paintings. Drawing since childhood and holding a B.A. in Journalism, Janet is currently studying Counseling Psychology while offering readings in Tarot and astrology. After her experiences with motherhood, divorce, Tibetan Buddhism, healing, and the supernatural, she encourages others to heal through radical self-acceptance and creative expression. She has studied Reiki, Biogeometry, Light Language healing, Alpha Alignment, and under Drunvalo Melchizedek’s program, Awakening the Illuminated Heart.

Janet at meditation events

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