These classes currently happen at the Singing Bowl Gallery in Singapore:
160 Robinson Road
#04-12 (SBF Centre)
Singapore 068914

The closest MRT station is Tanjong Pagar.

Sunday Morning Meditation

We don’t know our own bodies, minds and souls well enough. And this lack can make for suffering when we start feeling down or sick for unknown reasons, and unable to bounce back up.

I offer meditation classes because I believe it is one way for us to connect all the parts of ourselves to our conscious understanding, with the acceptance that this self-discovery and self-understanding takes time and effort. No matter where you are in life–high or low, well or just managing–meditation offers an opportunity to sit quietly and check in with ourselves. (See A Defence of Sensitivity)

This process should be guided by someone experienced and understanding of different learning processes. My meditations are gentle and emphasise complete acceptance without judgment of all the reactions that may come up while sitting and self-observing. The aim is to learn how to use these opportunities to listen to our body and our innate sensitivity, slowly starting an internal conversation with ourselves about what we need to gain health, happiness, and meaning.

In-person classes allow individualised “troubleshooting” and assistance in common meditation difficulties, including stiffness, pain, and lack of focus. I am also always ready to instruct different forms of meditation (and stretches), including meditations that involve slow movement. The more varieties of meditation one becomes familiar with, the more adept one becomes in deciding what is most helpful in any moment.

Meditation is not a cure, but it can help us make sense of ourselves and our journey. It starts us on the path of self-awareness, profound self-understanding, and responsibility–with which comes the power to make more conscious and self-loving decisions towards wholeness.

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Energy Awareness Level 1

  • How sensitive are you? What information do you consciously or subconsciously pick up from people, objects and the environment?
  • How does this subtle information affect us in the long and short term?
  • How can we feel and use this information consciously in our daily lives?

This experiential talk and meditation introduces subtle energy and how our bodies are actually receiving and giving it all the time. Sometimes called chi or prana, there are many forms of it in ourselves and our environment, and hundreds of modalities (mainstream and esoteric) offering different ways to work with it. (Here’s something I’ve written on Energetic Self-Care.)

This introductory talk covers:

  • An overview of well known philosophies and techniques around subtle energy
  • What we now know about the human nervous system and how it works with information
  • Chakras, meridiens, emotions, and health
  • Environmental energies, energy fields (electromagnetic and mechanical)
  • How these “pop up” and provide the background to our daily experience
  • What factors can affect our sensitivity to energy
  • We finish with a short exercise and meditation.

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Energy Awareness Level 2

Learn the tools and techniques for reading the energy of people! participants will do this by way of games and exercises to boost and balance their own energy before we begin to understand the energy from outside of us. How do we see the difference? 

This workshop covers:

  • Our innate senses and systems for energy awareness and subtle information
  • The “language” of the information we get: Colour, texture, intensity, spin, effect, etc.
  • The language of elements and archetypes
  • Grounding our senses and discerning input from output
  • Energy tools and different techniques for use
  • The current technology around subtle energy fields and healing

Expect to move and play with art materials, pendulums, and dowsing rods, as well as learn the limits and cautions for their use. Participants can purchase the dowsing tools at the end of the class (optional and non-obligatory).

This workshop is meant as the follow-up to Level 1; Attendance to Level 1 is recommended to understand the principles of subtle energy and how we work with it. It is facilitated by Janet Chui, who once worked a year in an alternative health clinic and continues as an editor and writer covering different topics including wellness and technology.

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