Changes to the Self-Love Oracle Deck

So, I struggled to put a picture to this post; there are going to be changes to the Self Love Oracle Deck that I don’t have on hand to show yet. Emails have now gone out to all those who pre-ordered and paid for the cards already to inform them of the changes, of which the biggest is this:

The author of the text on the prototype deck has withdrawn from the project.

The good news is: There’ll still be a deck.

But this had started as a collaboration—I’m not going to change that story, nor withdraw the videos saying such. And this about-turn was disappointing and last-minute; after long periods of non-communication, the other party made their definitive statement to withdraw.

Therein lay the challenge: We had been so close to the finish: What the deck would look like, how it would be produced, how and where to sell it. It was that certainty that had led us to sell pre-orders at the Heart Mind Body Festival in Singapore in November. It was that certainty that led me create the order page and preview videos that I did.

But it’s also been a no-brainer that I would and could (and will) complete and publish the deck on my own, and now, according to my own vision. (The thing about ideas is this: It’s only an idea until one puts in the work to make it reality.)

What will remain the same in the new deck:

  • The number of cards will stay at 44
  • It will still feature 44 of my paintings
  • It will be called the Self Love Oracle Deck, not the Self Love Mandala Deck as previously
  • The concept remains the same: to encourage, inspire, and provide affirmation on your journey to practice self-love and empowerment
  • The goal is still to have these cards in your hands by March 2016, if not before.

What will be changing:

  • The titles and text on each of the cards (to be shorter, and more direct in actionable advice)
  • The decorative font (to be changed to something more readable)
  • The final dimensions of each card may be different, but the width of each card will stay the same.
HMB Festival Booth E13

Our Booth at the November 2015 Singapore HMB Festival @ Suntec

Why I’m Going Ahead

Since November, we’ve received so many kind and helpful recommendations on how to get these cards to more people, and how to elevate their design, quality, and packaging. And Rose Mary Luv, the friend who had first pushed my artwork for the cards, well, we’re not letting this thing die. Not when we’d believed in the deck and sold it to others who believed in it; after all the work we’d put in, and the reception we’d seen the deck get.

We have been utterly delighted and grateful for the responses we’ve seen. I am thankful, more than I can express.

And I don’t like giving up.

Lastly, one of the parting decisions by the withdrawing party had been a unilateral one: That all the money she had been holding since the beginning would be returned to the buyers (instead of handed over so I could offer them the alternative before refunding, like I’d asked). This final unilateral decision shut me out—along with the buyers—and that was the last straw on this camel’s back.

Except I don’t break. I flow.

Regardless of how the cash will be settled, I have been personally emailing those who have paid for the deck to let them know that I am still producing it, if they would still like that deck, instead of a refund. Publishing and printing isn’t new to me. So I’m not stumbling. I’m stepping up.

I will be producing the new text for each of the cards. I am drawing upon my own experiences in channeling, healing, and card readings, together with my even longer experience in writing and art.

In a crazy way, I can see that all these twists and turns were telling me all along that I could do it, and using all the skills I’ve been minimising for a long time. So I am doing it, and I’m choosing to see that the journey so far has been a blessed learning experience, all of it.

And I remain utterly grateful to everyone who’s been part of it.

The least I can do is to deliver what was promised, or something I hope to make even better with the additional suggestions and ideas that people have been generously giving.

This is me giving back.

As usual, I will be posting news on the deck as it becomes available. Those who pre-order are going to get a full design preview of the new, final deck.


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Janet is the artist and creator behind the Self-Love Oracle. Drawing fantastical subjects since childhood and holding a B.A. in Journalism, she's worked in tourism and publishing, and is currently studying Counseling Psychology. After her experiences with motherhood, divorce, Tibetan Buddhism, healing, and the supernatural, she pushes others to heal through self-exploration and self-expression. She can be booked for her readings here.

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