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New Age & Spirituality

Writing about meditation, spirituality, metaphysics, lucid dreaming, etc. This  category may be used to integrate older posts from a blog I kept of my 2008-2015 encounters with strange phenomena.

One of the previous jobs I did was acting as a historical guide, and I gave pretty kick-ass […]

Ghost Stories


For much of history, Saturn was the farthest and slowest-moving planet humans could see. Its transits bring tests and restrictions. Most people hate it.

Capricorn & Aquarius Lessons

The shadow cannot hide in an astrology chart. If we possess awareness and self-acceptance and remember that nobody is perfect, we’re better positioned to do shadow work.

Astrology & Shadow Work

Received during the New Virgo Moon, 2019: All relationships provide opportunities for healing. We heal ourselves by creating […]

A Meditation on Relationships

Preface I haven’t found, online, many women (or mothers) writing on their Ayahuasca experiences. Here’s mine. It will […]

Mothers, Monsters and Music


This will be periodically updated; For various reasons, I’ve found it common for more people become sensitive to […]

Energetic Self-Care

Created in 2017 after years of experience in the publishing industry, this ebook goes into detail about writing […]

The Healer’s Word