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painting of two angels, with gold and marbled pigment

Watercolors, ink, colour pencils, markers, gold pigment 7 by 11.5 inches November 2019 In 2019, I ordered marbling […]


watercolors by Janet Chui

Watercolors, 8 x 11 inches August 2017 A quick watercolour sketch that was accidentally done on the wrong […]

Grey World

The Fairy Messenger

This painting was of a fairy sighted in a lucid dream! You can see her being painted, and […]

The Fairy Messenger

These celebrity portraits took 15-30 minutes each. I needed examples to show for a portrait-painting booth!

Celebrity Portraits

I love Russell T Davies’ run of Doctor Who, and couldn’t resist a few prompts during Sketchfest for […]

Doctor Who Fan Art

Painted for a Sketchfest prompt. Digital painting with photography textures.

A Radiant Path

Digitally painted pencil sketch Products available at RedBubble

The Cocoa Fairy

Small watercolour painting inspired by photos from my trip there.


Sketch of the Greek enchantress who had the power to turn men into the animals that most resembled […]

Circe (Sketch)