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Knowing & Connection

Articles about working with intuition and accessing our connections to the larger picture.

All of us really have more than one way of knowing what’s right for us. Even in times where we may be uncertain, there are ways available outside of linear thinking for us to gain more clarity, courage, and self-awareness. These alternate ways vary from the common-sensical (asking trusted friends for advice) to the psychic and spiritual, especially if you resonate with the following spiritual laws:

  • As Above, So Below: That what happens on this visible plane is the reflection of higher patterns (such as those found in astrology and the Tree of Life) and influenced by energy, some from other dimensions.
  • As Within, So Without: What we notice in our physical lives reflects our internal cognitive and emotional patterns and fixations.
  • The Law of Resonance and Law of Attraction: We attract to ourselves all and everything (including people and information) with an energetic vibration that we ourselves carry.

Whatever your religious or spiritual beliefs, many psychics, readers and healers simply work (consciously or not) with these laws. Tools such as oracles, Tarot cards, and pendulums help reveal and clarify unconscious or unclear information using archetypes; relying on both the reader’s sensitivity, and your energy.

If you feel inclined to work with your own energy (becoming more aware of it, managing it, channeling it, etc), feel free to use these articles to help develop your intuition and extra senses!