The Self-Love Oracle Deck

What self-love is

Love is an evocative word; ‘Self-Love’ can invoke positive or negative feelings in people, depending on how they view themselves.

Many of us have been raised to believe that accomplishment is all in outward signs: How much money we have, how we look, what we’ve done. Chasing success, we can still feel empty, directionless, overworked, and under-appreciated. These are strong signs for emotional and spiritual work: To find our happiness, balance, and truest alignment within. It is from there we can start changing our lives in a way that honors us and the others we touch.

We don’t need to puff ourselves up, pretend we’re something we’re not, nor do we need to start making demands and kissing mirrors whenever we see ’em. This isn’t narcissism.

Just self-acceptance, and practicing honesty, kindness, and patience with ourselves.

How the cards help

We are always enough as we are, but societal conditioning, childhood experiences, and media messages often make us feel inadequate, limiting what we feel we deserve or what we can do. Healing and undoing our conditioning can be a long journey; sometimes we may need a little push, a little spark of inspiration, or a confirmation.

Oracle decks and inspirational decks work well for these moments, or in a daily ritual. Anyone can use them.

When we pick a card—any card—we bypass the analytical left brain, thus accessing our “gut feel”, intuition, or spiritual guidance. You get to decide where the help is coming from, and whether the picks are just random (if that sits better with you) or inspired from on high. (Surrender may well be one of the experiences we’re meant to have!)

You can read about the changes in the second edition here. Last price update: March 2019, to cope with the increase in international shipping costs.

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