Blame It On the Birth Chart (Zoom)

Zoom Presentation for Urban Wellness (May 30th, 2020) with the Singing Bowl Gallery, Singapore.

It was a load of fun to do the talk! Content was overambitious though, and I overshot my time. (And it’s perfectly OK to not watch the above (really really) because I’m including the key slides and points in this post instead.

What charts reveal

  • The positions of the planets relative to earth at your birth time
  • The sky and planets relative to your position on earth at your birth time (subtle difference!)
  • How the planets were moving or positioned relative to the zodiac
  • How you the individual can be described by the archetypes attached to the signs and planets, and the relationships between them

About the first 15 minutes was given to an introduction to the different types of astrology out there, then how, in Western Astrology, the motions of the planets are mapped onto a wheel or chart with earth at the centre. By “coincidence” or the spiritual law that says everything is connected, the chart can reveal the natural inclinations (the innate interests, as well as mental, emotional and physical gifts and challenges) of an individual.

An astrology reading is a bit of a personality/history diagnosis.

Carl Jung saw the value of astrology in understanding individuals and their relationships. My own experience studying my birth chart was of consistent surprise, relief, and self-acceptance whenever I learned new ways of understanding it.

If I was going through a difficult time? I looked at transits. If I was struggling and wondering why I kept having a recurring challenge or “flaw”, I looked up placements and aspects that I’d not looked up before. If I was challenged by someone else, I’d look at their chart (if I had it) and how our charts interacted.

I always found myself drop-jawed at what the language of astrology revealed. Yet I never really fell into any sense of futility, the way some may worry about fate being omnipotent.

It is important to understand that the chart doesn’t control us. It merely shows our starting points and influences. Our environment, family, peers may influence and shape us in our formative years, but ultimately, we are always making our own choices. This includes when we avoid them.

In the end, I find the best use of astrology is not for presenting predictions or certainty–the usual “quick fixes” offered by woo or divination practices. It is for facilitating acceptance and personal responsibility.

I apply the same rules in astrology readings as I do for my card readings; The querant does not get to push their responsibility of decision-making to the card or chart reader. (See: Tarot for Empowerment, Ethics & Responsibilities) My approach to reading is that I’m quite literally relying on another language to get “bigger picture” information, and it’s a skill that relies on my connection to a larger, timeless web of wisdom. Mystical perhaps, but I live by it.

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