The Self-Love Oracle can be purchased here.

Alternately, you can purchase it from my Etsy shop, where I will soon be offering other one-of-a-kind items for sale, including original artwork.

All shipping of physical products from me is handled by DHL as I’ve found them the most dependable and cheapest option. Here is my shipping policy and refund policy.

If you’d like to purchase prints of my artwork (including on home decor and wearable products), visit my RedBubble page.

RedBubble’s products are high-quality; I use them to carry my print-on-demand products as I’ve heard great reviews on their print and product quality.

Sales at In-Person Events

I sometimes pop up at holistic events and market events with my oracle cards and signed prints. I may sometimes be offering readings at these events, depending on the arrangement with the organisers!

If you are interested in carrying my items or having me at your event, feel free to contact me.