Goddess Alchemy

Goddess Alchemy

This was a combination of commissioned and channeled painting; I had the concept to run with, and went with it! A4 size (8.3in by 11.7in). If you’re interested in your own, get in touch!


This painting of Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of death, magic, and war, was commissioned by my friend Yuna. It was meant originally for a book cover, but after that idea was dropped, I was given free rein for a portrait of the goddess, and I ran with the strongest image that came to mind.

Morrigan by Janet Chui

Luckily I had the luxury of working large (12 by 16 inches) and it was another chance to paint labyrinths—to me, they’re oh-so wonderful for holding magic. I paint these in, freeform, at the stage the painting is 80% done. You can catch this in the following video:

Another video was recorded of the painting of her feathered headdress:

Guan Yin

Bodhissatva and goddess of compassion


I know this may sound horribly commercial, but this is a very popular image of mine:
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Nuwa: Holding Up the Sky


Nüwa is the ancient Chinese goddess known for holding up and restoring the sky to its place when the pillars supporting heaven were broken. She worked tirelessly to repair the damage (wrought by demons or battling gods—there are many differing versions!), and to save humankind from the chaos of a falling sky, was said to have melted and reformed the four pillars. One thing it is said that she could not repair was the “tilt” of the sky—hence the sun, moon, and stars, were always moving toward the west.

The story of Nüwa is one of the oldest Chinese stories, going back more than 2,000 years. I used a little artistic license to dress her in robes a little more recent than that.

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